Monday, May 7, 2012


Back when I finished compiling my epic concordance to go along with director Lutz Dammbeck's excellent documentary The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet, I sent him a note to let him know what I was doing and where I was going to post it. Imagine my surprise when he promptly replied! In his e-mail, he asked me to point out a few links, so I figured I should just post it here for everyone to see.
Dear Jerky,
What a surprise! Thank you very much for the interesting blog and text about THE NET.
Do you know already the website for the film: Unfortunately a lot of the text is only in German... like this site, but a lot of paintings etc. pictures you can find under the term Bilder & Installationen via the left menu.
Maybe you can set a link to the OTHER CINEMA site in SF? Craig Baldwin was the only one who did something in the US for the film in 2004, so it would be nice if you complete your text with links to both Other Cinema and their page on The Net?
Best regards
Mr. Dammbeck also wrote in to let us know that the Unabomber's image was recently used by the right-wing climate change denial group Heartland Institute in their propaganda in a typically dishonest and logically bankrupt fashion. Lutz writes:
This came in yesterday. The sole aim is to discredit the entire left in this moment of tension and need for social and climate justice. Kind of amazing that this was actually visible on the freeway in Chicago yesterday.
So there you have it! We here at the Useless Eater Blog are proud to count director Lutz Dammbeck as a friend, associate and occasional contributor!

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