Monday, November 24, 2014


In this rigorous, definitive and ongoing survey of the guests who have appeared on the overnight AM radio ratings juggernaut Coast to Coast AM conducted by parapolitical researcher Joël van der Reijden, a rather convincing argument is made that...
...the CIA, NSA and Pentagon, whose leaders are all part of a civilian establishment, have created a complete "alternative" community consisting of news websites, forums, skeptical groups, radical activists and authors, as well as a vast stream of trolls in the form of forum, website and Youtube video posters that target anyone in favor of a sensitive conspiracy with a blitzkrieg of skepticism or extreme irrationality. The nexus in the "believers" category is Coast to Coast AM, followed by the closely-allied Alex Jones.
The entire WikiSpooks site is well worth bookmarking. I think that anyone interested in seeing honest scholarship and civilized discourse return to our money and ratings-hungry world of parapolitical investigation  should read this particular page in its entirety.

As the graphic reproduced bellow begins to illustrate, there exists a rather large nexus of well-connected power brokers who have a veritable army of "useful idiots", heartless shills, and willing dupes ready to help spread mis-and-disinformation in exchange for a purse full of silver... or, in some cases, nothing more than a paternalistic pat on the head. This alone is reason enough to be wary of anything you learn via the new so-called "counterestablishment" or "alternative" sources - what I call "conspiritainment" - which, their vociferous protests to the contrary notwithstanding, is where you'll find the woolliest "sheeple" of them all these days.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Gee willickers, you guys! Do you sometimes feel like you've basically seen it all? Well, for all you's guys in the "Been There, Done That" brigades, check out this new Satanic toddler toy from... um... from China, I'm guessing, as it's a dollar store toy Dayton, Ohio.

At first glance, the so-called Evil Stick doesn't seem to be too strange. Just your typical magic wand (of the variety used in virtually ever O.T.O. lodge during their rituals...


But when you peel away the foil on the toy, hidden beneath is...

AAWWGGHH!!! What the bloody shitty fuck?!? Is that a demon-faced girl slicing into her arm with a butcher knife? On a kid's toy? Hidden behind the foil where nobody can see it without destroying the toy's functionality?!?

Somebodly please, stop me before I kill again!!!