Friday, January 2, 2015


Way back in those wacky, witchy 1970's, Nat Freedland wrote one of those catch-all "mysterious world" books that were so popular back then. It was titled The Occult Explosion and the thing that set it apart from the literally hundreds of similar books from the era is the fact that a record album was produced alongside it, to act as an "audio appendix" of sorts. As you can see directly below, with one or two exceptions, most of the speakers and topics can't rightly be labeled "occult" so much as maybe "mystical" in the broadest, New Age sense of that word.

Nat Feedland: Intro
Louise Huebner on Witchcraft
Stanton T. Friedman on UFO's
Barbara Birdfeather on Astrology
Rosemary Brown on Spiritualism
Rockin' teen combo Black Widow play a selection of their droniest, "Satanic inspired Rock" including the infamous Come To The Sabbat and the equally compelling Conjuration.
Allan Watts on Meditation
Dr. Thelma Moss on ESP Research and Parapsychology
Indra Devi on Yoga
Peter Hurkos on psychedelic drugs
Craig Carpenter on Indian Magic
Anton LaVey on Satanism

The Youtube link above contains the entire album, and you can download it from the Internet Archive here, while poorly-scanned copies of the album's insert pages can be found here.  I hope you enjoy this odd little artifact as much as I did.

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