Saturday, January 10, 2015


1. Two years ago, the editor of Charlie HEBDO wrote an editorial defending his magazine against bogus charges of racism. On Wednesday of this week, Charb - the pen name of editor Stephane Charbonnier - was one of 12 people gunned down in the massacre at the mag's Parisian head office. Click on the link above to read the powerful words of a man who is now less than a ghost because of sneering, churning spite brought to hideous life and disguised as an ideology. An excerpt:
Forty years ago, it was considered obligatory to jeer, run down, even crap on religion. Anyone who set about to criticize the way the world was going could not fail to question the great power of the biggest clerical organizations. But according to some people, in truth more and more people, these days you’ve got to shut your mouth. Charlie still devotes many of its cover illustrations to Papists. But the Muslim religion, imposed like a flag on innumerable people across the planet, as far away as Indonesia, must somehow be spared. Why the hell? What is the relationship, unless it’s just ideological, between the fact of being Arab, for example, and belonging to Islam?
2. Long-time readers of the DDD family of blogs are well aware of my long-term man crush on documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis. I'm also a huge fan of his frequent collaborator, Charlie Brooker. Well, apparently, Curtis has a new doc on the way, and judging from this nugget that was showcased in Brooker's 2014 "year in review" TV special, it's looking like a real doozy. Why is everything we're told by The Powers That Be confusing and contradictory? And what does a former avant garde artist from Russia have to do with "a new system of political control" that aims to keep citizens (subjects?) in "a constant state of destabilized perception"? Check out the clip below to find out. It's chilling, and it's essential watching.

3. And now, for our daily dose of levity from [adult swim]... "Live Forever as you Are Today!" And it's all thanks to science and technology! WOW!

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