Sunday, January 4, 2015


1. Thanks to BoingBoing for bringing this awesome American Monsters Map to our attention! It's gorgeous, and if I had 25 dollars to burn (and a living space that people actually visited), I would definitely plunk it down for this awesome two-tone illustrative product!

2. Thanks to my old buddy Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition for making me aware of this Daily Dirt article about Operation Death Eaters, an anonymous group that aims to conduct real, intense, unobstructed research into claims of pedophilic and sadistic (ritual?) sexual abuse by such heavyweight insiders as Prince AndrewAlan Dershowitz, and Jeffrey Epstein. The article begins, authored by Dell Cameron, begins:

Disturbing new allegations surfaced this week concerning a handful of rich and powerful men, each accused of abusing underage girls described in court filings as "sex slaves." According to some online activists, however, the recent news is only the scab atop a festering wound of criminal sexual activity.
Personally, I haven't heard anything about Prince Andrew or Dershowitz before now and I haven't examined the evidence against them, so I'm going to wait before I make any pronouncements on them. However, this Epstein creep - a hedge fund billionaire with a Satanic sex dungeon and multiple accusations against him, for which he has recently completed a few months' house arrest at his three opulent homes around the world - has been on my radar for a while, now (see video below for a primer on this asshole). I will be doing much more research and writing about these developments in the coming weeks and months, relating them to other avenues of research that I've delved into over the years, so keep your eyes on this space.

3. Levity is definitely in order, here, so let's watch another awesome [adult swim] "Infomercial"! This time, we bring you a trenchant look at For Profit Online University, and their greatest nemesis, Howard. Enjoy another hot and heaping slice of the finest satire the Internet has to offer!

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