Tuesday, September 30, 2014


War, AIDS, poverty, ebola, and...
...the people it targets have reportedly committed: mass rape (of men and women, by rebels and government soldiers) often in front of communities and families, or forcing people to rape each other, as a weapon of war; inventive torture (forcing men to copulate with holes in the ground lined with razor blades, forcing women to eat excrement or flesh of relatives); casual and varied forms of murder (including firing weapons up women's vaginas); use of child soldiers; and ethnic cleansing.
It's almost as though The Powers That Be are engaged in some sort of generation-spanning, continent-wide genocidal clearing away of the planet's most resource rich real estate or something. Of course, you'd have to be absolutely bonkers to believe anything so... so... downright conspiratorial as that.

Anyhoo, you can read the rest of this particular collection of atrocities, here. Not that it'll help, or anything.

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