Monday, September 15, 2014


Have you heard the story about the Connecticut couple who are alleging that a "death-obsessed martyrdom cult" fronted by a foursome of high school teachers snared two of their three daughters in its dastardly clutches before they realized something sinister was up?

According to the Daily Mail:
A couple have claimed that their three daughters were indoctrinated into a religious cult by their school teachers leaving them with suicidal thoughts and alienated from their loving family, according to a new lawsuit. 
The couple, from Avon, Connecticut, filed the civil lawsuit in federal court on Monday against the Avon school district, three teachers and a guidance counselor at Avon High School and Wellesley College in Massachusetts. 
The parents alleged that their older daughters, now aged 22 and 19, became 'reclusive, secretive and distant' after they began taking Spanish classes at Avon High. 
The named defendants are Connecticut residents Tanya Mastoloni (also known as Tanya Romero), Rebecca Kessler; Laura Sullivan and California resident Christopher Esposito.
You know, it pains me to send eyeballs their way, but after hours of fruitless searching, it turns out the Daily Mail rundown of this perplexing case is the most complete and thorough coverage that I have so far been able to find. I urge you to read the entire story. It's really quite fascinating, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

In fact, I am so personally intrigued that I will be making my own inquiries in the coming days, and reporting on the results in this very blog. So keep your eyes peeled!

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