Monday, November 10, 2014


Gee willickers, you guys! Do you sometimes feel like you've basically seen it all? Well, for all you's guys in the "Been There, Done That" brigades, check out this new Satanic toddler toy from... um... from China, I'm guessing, as it's a dollar store toy Dayton, Ohio.

At first glance, the so-called Evil Stick doesn't seem to be too strange. Just your typical magic wand (of the variety used in virtually ever O.T.O. lodge during their rituals...


But when you peel away the foil on the toy, hidden beneath is...

AAWWGGHH!!! What the bloody shitty fuck?!? Is that a demon-faced girl slicing into her arm with a butcher knife? On a kid's toy? Hidden behind the foil where nobody can see it without destroying the toy's functionality?!?

Somebodly please, stop me before I kill again!!!

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