Friday, August 1, 2014


I wouldn't be telling the truth if I claimed to be untroubled by the way former Navy SEAL and Minnesota state governor Jesse Ventura has sought to monetize, popularize and (some would argue) vulgarize the already troubled arena of parapolitics and conspiracy scholarship over the years, but I've always felt that the man was, at the very least, sincere, honest, and well intentioned. That's why I was definitely on his side when celebrity mass-murderer Chris Kyle - who was recently killed under strange circumstances - went on FOX News and started going off about how he'd knocked Ventura out with a single punch after hearing the governor say soldiers killed in Iraq deserved what they got. And today, that's why I'm glad that Jesse Ventura was able to fully clear his name in a court of law. You can listen to what Ventura had to say about this debacle, here. Or watch it below. S'up to you.

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