Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When news first broke of an alleged plan by an New York-based Satanic Temple to erect a statue in honor of their main goat next to the Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma's state capitol, all the usual right-wing finger-sniffers started quaking with outrage, which caused all the usual left-wing "cooler than thou" douchebags to start snorting through their latte foam. My own favorite headline relating to this story - which spread like syphilitic wildfire through the nation's newsrooms - was the following: SUPPORT GROWING FOR SATANIC MONUMENT AT OK CAPITOL.  Anyway, if you want to donate funds to help get this monument built, you can do so here.


If you're going to be holding super-secret, heavy-duty, occult-tinged Eyes Wide Shut "mansion orgies" - complete with extreme BDSM fetish kink and "art shows" that involve knife-play and bloodletting - you might want to try not telling Business Insider about it, afterwards. It kind of ruins the whole elitist mystique of the thing, knowing that it's going to spend weeks as a "recommended reading" sidebar selection on Slate.com where a bunch of fucking nobodies can "read all about it."


There was a bunch of UK UFO info dumped by the British government and featured in THE WEEK a few months ago, so I thought I'd share a link featuring the highlights with y'all. Of special interest are the tales of "Faceless Goons", UFOs appearing during the Falklands War, and copies of Top Secret minutes of the MoD's Flying Saucer Working Party of 1950-52, which were opened at the Public Record Office, now the National Archives. The file was annotated by one worried official who feared it might fuel cover-up conspiracies. They wrote: "Oh dear! This makes our line 'no interest' in [flying saucers] look suspect." THE WEEK also covered UFO story, this one of a more recent vintage. It details a pilot's revelations about how a rugby ball-shaped UFO flew "within feet" of his A320 Airbus at 34,000 feet, shortly after takeoff from Heathrow Airport in July 2013. 

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