Sunday, April 3, 2011


UPDATE to our previous report on the possibility that some shadowy group might be covertly messing with TV presenters by scrambling their brains with microwaves or whatever in the middle of live reports! This time, the Broadcast Babbling Breakdown victim is one Sarah Carlson, a CBS News personality in Madison, Wisconsin. Notice the similarities to what happened to Global Canada's Mark McAllister and another CBS reporter, Serene Branson...

Okay, that's just creepy. I mean, what the eff was that she said about "exorcism"? Is she trying to say the Devil made her lose it? Her fellow announcer seemed pretty freaked at the end, there, too. I know I sure would have been.

Anyhoo, if you spot any more incidents like this, please let me know, and I'll try to post them here! This could be the mind control equivalent to ChemTrails - which are on the verge of being proven fact after years of being called bullshit, just like Giant Squids and MK-Ultra! So let's keep on top of this crazy phenomenon and see what we can see!

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