Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Everyone from the self-declared patriot warriors of Vigilant Citizen to the propagators of "hipster woo" at Disinfo.com have already linked to the amazing Walt Disney animated short Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land.  So why am I even bothering to post it here? Well, maybe because I believe it's a great artifact from a time in American life when the virtues of pure knowledge could be extolled and presented to a youthful audience without everyone freaking out about the artists sneaking in some secret occult hidden agenda. I have no patience for those finger-sniffing moralists who see hidden erections in every cartoon, but on the other hand it's hard to ignore the in-your-face use of occult symbolism that went into the creation of this film.

Let's examine a few of the more interesting sections, below. And please note! Just because I bring up something (such as the "Monarch" references), that doesn't mean I believe it. Now, having said that, let's get started...

First, a couple of early quotes that I like from the Spirit, who is guiding Donald on his journey through the land of Mathmagic. The first one sets the tone for what's to follow, and the second one made me immediately think of String Theory, which I know is irrelevant, but still...

"You'll find mathematics in the darnedest places." 
"First we'll need a string." 
Next, we have this sinister image, followed by the following narration...

"They used to meet in secret to discuss their mathematical discoveries. Only members were allowed to attend. They had a secret emblem... the PENTAGRAM!" 
At which point Donald gets his own...

The Spirit continues:
"It was our old friend Pythagoras who discovered that the Pentagram was full of mathemgic!" 
A bunch of very cool graphically intensive expressions of math in art, architecture and nature are then run through in pretty convincing fashion, and the Spirit figures it's time to let Donald in on some of the headier stuff. Unfortunately for Donald, his brain isn't quite up to snuff...
"Look at the condition of your mind! Antiquated ideas! Bungling! False concepts! Superstitions! Confusion! To think straight, we'll have to clean house." 
In other words, Donald needs a good, thorough BRAINWASH... which is just what the "Spirit" gives him, as visualized here... 

And are those Monarch mind-control butterflies popping out of poor Donald's head during the process?!

"The mind knows no limits when used properly. Think of a pentagram, Donald." 

"Now, put another inside. A third... and a fourth! No pencil is sharp enough to draw as fine as you can think, and no paper large enough to hold your imagination."

"Hey!" Donald squeals when coming upon a series of locked doors in a spooky red-tinted corridor. "These doors won't open! They're locked!" To which the Spirit soothingly intones:

"Of course they are. These are the doors of the future, and the key is?"
Donald says: "Mathematics!"
"Right... mathematics. The boundless treasures of science are locked behind those doors. In time, they will be opened by the curious and inquiring minds of future generations." 
"In the words of Galileo, mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the Universe."

Alright, so you've read the ridiculous conjecture, and you've seen the "spooky" occult and Secret Society symbolism being bandied about like so many cheap trinkets. Now it's time to watch the cartoon in its entirety... that is, IF YOU DARE!!!

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  1. To me this all just looks like an into to sacred geometry. The sources of the knowledge base for the illuminati and the much maligned metaphysical community is the same: The Book Of Enoch, The Emerald Tablets, Alchemical texts and various mystery school stuff long hidden and passed down through the ages. For your own research and a decent example of my point look up the Phi ratio and it's use in masonic architecture as well as nature. Another one would be squaring the circle. Flower of Life. Ect. Same shit. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.