Friday, July 4, 2014


So ran an intriguing story that got picked up by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell over at his website, It involves a recently depressed and, ultimately, "suicided" bankster's alleged obsession with equations that could potentially see him reborn into an alternate, parallel dimension - preferably one where people like him aren't considered the civilization-wrecking scum-of-the-fucking-Earth. Farrell's take:
...there’s a story out there circulating about another bankster, one that was previously suicided: Gabriel Magee. It seems, according to the latest story, that Mr. Magee was obsessed with the multi-verse interpretation of quantum mechanics, and that his suicide (so we’re told) had something to do with a possible attempt by him to get out of this universe and into another one:
“An inquest last week has revealed that a JP Morgan exec that committed suicide earlier this year was obsessed with the concept of parallel universes and a mysterious suicide pact between two American students based on the theory. ... Gabriel Magee, 39, fell from the roof of the bank’s Canary Wharf headquarters on the morning of January 28. ... 
... Magee was what is known in the financial business as a quant, an individual with a background in the higher mathematics behind high frequency trading. And that mathematics, as a little research will show you, comes from the influx of trained physicists into finance that began in the late 1980s, as the methods of mathematically modelling quantum mechanics were realized to be applicable to the financial sector, and “econophysics’ was born. Would multi-verse theory play a role in such financial modelling? Potentially, yes. So Mr. Magee’s “suicide” may, once again, be deeply related to something he discovered, or learned, about the financial system. Only by coupling it to econophysics and multiverse theory, the stakes are raised considerably.
Econophysics? "Quants"? What the everloving fuck?! 
Looks like I've got some serious digging to do.

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